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About Persephone


A quick glance at Persephone:

Navy spouse (retired, 2019). 

Homeschooling mom of 3.

Roller skater.


Pineapple enthusiest.


Moose afficianato. 

Science is real.

Magic is just science we don't understand yet.

Alphabet Mafia ally and parent.

All guns until NO guns.

All men until NO men.

All white folx until NO white folx.

All police until NO police.

Persephone Jayne, MCLC

Managing Emotional Health alongside every client

Mid 2022, my husband had a mild health scare (he's fine now and taking precautions as necessary to prevent another). But that summer was a bit intense for me. 

In talking with him about what I would do if he were to 'go first', I voiced my concerns about what I might be ABLE to do and how those things would, inevitably, affect our kids lives.

His solution was simple. Build the business now.

We had a good laugh about the fact that if I prepared for his 'early departure from this life'... I'd never need it... then we found a Life Coaching Program and I signed up.

Onesie Life Coaching is the culmination of my life's passion (Montessori) finally letting me know what the heck to do with it. 

~ After teaching preschool and continuing to homeschool my kids, I knew going back into a classroom was not in my future. 

~ I've been doing big, solid, inner child work for years now, realizing, only recently that it stems from my commitment to emotional intelligence.

~ The reason Montessori is such a pillar of my life is that it centers respect for the child. (something that TOO many 'children's programs' don't do)

~ Montessori's focus on respecting the child comes from emotional intelligence. Maria Montessori had it. And her method is built on in.

~ I greatly enjoy helping people see how easy it is to... be kind. It just takes Emotional Intelligence.

All these things had been swirling around in my brain for years. It was that conversation with my husband that showed me where I wanted to go.

I'm building this business because it's what I'm good at. It's the convergence of all the things I've dabbled in over the years and applies them to 'helping others'... which has always been the goal.

Thank you for joining me and, more importantly, for trusting me. I do not take that lightly.

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